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Oil Baron's Return

        It sure has been awhile since I have posted to the blog.  Kathleen has done a few but also ran out of steam. Since we are sitting for a spell and have time on my hands I thought I would at least put up something to let those who still check in that we are A-OK.

     We have spent this winter at our place in Zapata Texas, (Baron's Gate) and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  Fishing wasn't all I had hoped for as the weather played a large factor in turning the fish off.


  We are doing the security gate guarding for a few weeks on our way back North to pick up a few bucks to help toward the fuel costs we have running this big rig from Texas to Iowa/Wisconsin, and then on to our boys in Seattle.  We sure have enjoyed this gig as it has been busy.  We have just finished a 10 day frac.  Now, they will start with the coiling, and then to the flow back and finalization of the two wells we are working the gate for.  We should be here about another 12 days or so. 

     Kathleen, has been making banana bread and selling the mini loafs for $4.00 each to the workers who come and go.  She has done pretty well and promises to buy me a new fish pole with her loot, Ha.

     We are out in the boonies so to speak and have to use our Wilson booster to get internet and phone service.  Without it, we would really be bored if unable to get on line.

     We had two catered meals a day furnished while the frac was going on.  Every one was excellent.


     I hope the pictures will speak for themselves.







































































































































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