August 2006

"A DONE DEAL".  July 31st @ 1:00 P.M. we closed on the house.  Getting to this "finality" has been
weighing heavily on the both of us.  A tremendous amount of work goes in to getting to this point and one
never can be sure that it is really going to happen until papers are signed and funds are deposited in to
your account.  It did happen, funds are in our account and since we are staying in the house through
August, we came home to someone else's property.  Since we had agreed as part of the sale to include
our bedroom set, we also slept in someone else's bed.  I would sum it up and tell you,
"it feels good".  

This month we will continue with our transition into the "Coach".  Our Auction is scheduled for August
28th.  We will move the Coach to Goose Island on August 25th and it will not be in the way for the sale.  
Once the sale is complete on the 28th we will take whatever time we need to clean up, and turn the keys
over to the new owners.  It will be at that moment in time that reality will really kick in.  We will have finally
arrived at the threshold of a new adventure.  One that we have planned for, researched thoroughly, and
executed to the best of our ability.  One that holds mountains of possibilities, and we hope only mole hills
of obstacles.  We are not so brash as to believe that all what lies ahead will be pure bliss and a bed of
roses but we are excited about taking on the challenge and finding out
"Just what does lie around the
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always