April/May 2006

The news for this posting is of course highlighted by the arrival back in Stoddard with our new home.  The
2006 DSDP as has been described and photo's posted elsewhere on our site.  On May 7th, 2006 the "For
Sale by Owner" sign went in the ground out front and down by the waters edge.  The first week we had
about 3 calls per day and after the add was placed in the LaCrosse Tribune even more calls came in.  We
have appointments scheduled for those genuinely interested to come and look and then if still interested
we are inviting bids.  We plan to use the bid process for several weeks and will select the new owner from
an acceptable and reasonable bid.

Kathleen continues to prepare and stock the MH, and select things from the house that we are pretty sure
we want to take with us.  We are being very selective as space is a premium.

I started a new job on May 8th and am enjoying it so far.  I have come out of retirement once again and
have mixed feelings about taking this new venture on but good things may come of it and I will expound on
the nature of the job and the reasons for doing it in a later posting.
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always