"Tin In The Wind"
Peanut Please
Brosius Backyard and Delta Queen
Eagle Fishing
Delta Queen
November Sunset

A couple
of steps
out our back door
Spring Flower Bed
Mississippi Tow
We are enjoying the progression toward our
quest to go full-time RV-ing, especially the
research and the contacts we have made
through that research.  There have been many
hours spent accessing web sites of those who
are currently RV-ing full-time and we have found
two sites to be awesome and loaded with helpful
information.  Those two sites are: Rich and
Diane Emond at www.roamingamerica.com  and
Norm and Linda Payne at www.seeya-
downtheroad.com.  If you are interested in any
way in the concept of the RV-ing lifestyle, be it
casual or full-timing, we highly recommend
giving their sites a look.  In addition you couldn’t
find anyone more helpful and friendly than these
two couple’s.
The Picture on our home page was filmed from
our deck. Yes, that is our current land based
back yard, and yes that is the Delta Queen
headed North as she ply’s her way up the
Mississippi River.  We will be giving up a lot
when we turn and look back no more, but we
also are comfortable knowing that new
adventures are just around the bend.
George & Cheep-Cheep
Kathleen & Cheep-Cheep
Pelicans Passing By
Delta Queen going South
Early Evening Sunset
Winter Ice Fishing
"Where the past and present
meet the future"
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always