The Vision of The Plains
The Vision of the Plains
by Kathleen M. Brosius  Febuary, 2013

I watch the moon as it lights the sky
When the day has passed into night

Shadows protect what stirs out there
Dust particles and mist take flight

Soft winds doth move ore the land just now
Through the depths of the fog I stare

They say a vision may walk this way
White gown and long raven hair

She longs to find her one true love
Who once lived here with her

In death they sleep beneath the sands
In silence they felt it stir

The earth so silent, so still and deep
Holds remains of life long past

It gives forth so rich so very black
The vision’s shadow is cast

She comes each night when the sky is dark
I hear her lonely sighs

Raven Lady be still and turn around
For tis here your beloved lies

*Inspired by a story told to me by the “graveyard” shift
at an oil rig in Central Texas.  One of the workers
showed me a photograph taken during his shift. The
attached drawing is a how I remember the apparition.  
I added a deeper meaning: The eighth verse refers to
the oil that was being extracted from the site, which
awoke the maiden, who now searches for her love, when
the moon is full. Although I saw the photograph and the
workers swore by their story, I don’t believe in ghosts,
at least not in that way.