My attempts at on line Karaoke.  I have had fun with this Karaoke
site.  All comments, both positive or negative will be accepted.  
The technology available for the computer is awesome and I like
to keep growing with it.  Hope you enjoy your visit to this page of
our Web-Site.  As always, you need to scroll down to the bottom
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This is a story song that I did for my
four special grandkids.  I miss them a
lot and this was my way of tucking
them in with a bed time story.
This is a follow up story song that I did
for my four grandkids.  After receiving
a thumbs up from the kids for my first
bed time story I decided to continue on
with the Teddy Bear theme.  I think you
will like it.
Time to move away from the sadness.  
This is a story song I did to continue
with what I call a teachable moment
and bed time story.  I did this to Merle
Haggards music for "Going Where
The Lonely Go".  Enjoy!
OK!!  I can sing, it's just that I do not
have a voice that sets a house on fire
and like most who are just so-so, or
less, I have to think about it long and
hard before I give it a try.  SO!!  I tried.
I enjoyed doing it;  It was fun!
Folsom Prison Blues
Give My Love To Rose
Sing Me Back Home
A Tribute To My Dad
Some Gave All
Lt. George Ellery Brosius, Sr.
Mom, and Me, Buddy
My dad insisted by letter
to my mom after seeing a
picture of me that I not be
called Jr., and thus, I
became Buddy
Seven Spanish Angels
Blue Side Of Lonesome
Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Hello Walls
An attempt to harmonize with myself
My Son Scott always enjoyed a good Duet with Dad----Click on Picture to Enlarge
Little Green Apples
You Take Me For Granted
Pick The Wildwood Flower
Millers Cave
Lets Get Over Them Together
Close Enough To Perfect
Amigos Guitar
Blanket On The Ground
Two Lonely People
Heartaches By The Number
A duet with my Karaoke friend---Mae---from somewhere in West Virginia
A duet with my Karaoke friend---Mae---from somewhere in West Virginia
Too Cold At Home
I'm Hurt
Your My Best Friend
Dedicated to the Love of My Life and of course My Best Friend
No Charge
This is a Dedication to all the mom's that I know and all those I have yet to meet!  
Happy Mothers Day 2010
Forever Again
Forgiving You Is Easy
I Hear You Knockin'
Oh What It Did To Me
Always on My Mind
I'll Go On Alone
She Called Me Baby Baby
Too Soon To Know
A Fire I Can't Put Out
A Fire I Can't Put Out