About Kathleen
           Kathleen grew up in the small northeast Iowa
town of New Albin, located along the sloughs of the
Mississippi River. Living in New Albin, she and her
brothers played in the streets, roamed the hills, and
explored the river bottoms behind town. Their
mother was a school teacher, having taught in
several one room schools that dotted the country
side of Allamakee County. Kathleen, with her
brothers, had the privilege of attending one of these
schools for two years, during the 1950s.
        Their dad was a commercial fisherman and
owned a plot of land along the Minnesota Slough,
just north of New Albin. The family spent most of
the summer months enjoying the wilderness of the
river bottoms. There was no electricity, or
plumbing. The only entertainment  were the sights
and sounds of Mother Nature, books,  and their
imagination. While nestled in a fluffy feather tic
mattress, the children listened to their mother read,
by lamplight, from popular children’s books of the
time. They loved listening to the many stories that
their dad loved to tell. All of this led to Kathleen’s
vivid imagination and her love of writing stories.  
Through the years, she has published many short
stories and poems.  
       Kathleen met her husband, George, while in
high school. They were married in 1965 and moved
to Minneapolis. After a few years they found
themselves missing the Mississippi River and moved
to Stoddard, WI, where they raised their two sons,
Scott and Billy. They enjoyed the river until their
retirement. They then moved into a motor home,
where they traveled the highways and byways of
America. Washington State, where their children
live, became their summer home, visiting various
RV parks throughout the Pacific Northwest.
       Kathleen and George now live in Zapata, TX
along Falcon Lake on the Rio Grande River. George
is an avid fisherman. Kathleen often accompanies
him on his fishing ventures, where she reads,
photographs the fish that her husband catches, plus
wildlife and the wilderness surrounding the lake.
She enjoys staying at home, as well, where she
writes short stories and has recently finished an
historic novel.