"Tin In The Wind"
Wisconsin/Iowa Challenge Cup
Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson
George & TV Host of Wisconsin Outdoors (my boat partner)
Gov. Thompson being interviewed, Iowa Gov. standing by
Take a Wisconsin Governor, Tommy Thompson, and his love for
fishing.  Think about hosting a challenge tournament between
Wisconsin and Iowa on the river that separates the two States, the
"Mighty Mississippi".
Governor Tommy Thompson calls Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad
and challenges him to a winner take all Bass Tournament to be held
on the Mississippi River out of Praire du Chein, Wisc.
Governor's pick their teams, select their tag along dignitaries, and
alert the press.  What could be less stressful than that?
It was an honor to be selected to fish on the team.  As you can tell
by the pictures we had a blast that lasted well into the night.  
Governor Thompson was one who liked a good party and party we
did.  Winning the traveling cup didn't hurt matters either.
Instructions being given
Official Trophy Presentation
Another TV interview for Gov. Thompson
Iowa Gov. being interviewed
The five that pulled it all off
The Iowa Team
The Two Governors with Trophy/Plaque