"Tin In The Wind"
Just how did you catch those big bass?
There were so many tournaments and
so many different circuits that one had
to pick and choose.  Early on it was the
local "Buddy Tournaments".  Then the
individual local "Draw Tournaments".  
Followed by the "National Circuit
Tournaments" such as the "Red Man
Tournament Circuit" of which I will
devote an entire page.
Looking back on it I wonder how one
ever had the time to work at making a
living as it seems all time was taken up
with the pleasure of fishing.  It wasn't
just the Tournaments but the constant
practice to hone ones skills.
I realize now that throughout life one
focuses on something and strives at
the moment to be as good at what ever
that focus is as one can be.  Even if
your finish wasn't stellar at least you
gave it your all and there was always
that hope of
"Next Time".