"Tin In The Wind"
The Iowa Influence
In the very early days of my interest in
Bass Fishing, specifically tournament
competion I was fortunate to know
many of the competitors from Iowa who
came to this area to enter tournaments.
One of my best friends in High School
back in Iowa was Terry Ackley.  Terry
and most of the competitors from Iowa
were light years ahead of the
Wisconsin boys back in those days,
myself included.
The Iowa contingent would come to
this area, for tournaments and due to
my friendship with Terry many would
stay at the house, using the spare
bedrooms, or camping out in the yard.  
Plugging their boats in to recharge
batteries.  That gave me the
opportunity to pick their brains, con
them in to letting me tag along as they
pre-fished tournaments and prepared
for the week-end events.
My entire family idolized these guys
and we would all gather round the
table on the deck, having a great
barbeque meal and talk fishing.
All the tournaments at the time were
buddy events and as you can see by
one of the pictures I occasionally got
asked to fill in for a missing member.
It was my involvment in "Team Bass"
(the local Stoddard Area Bass Club),
and the association with "The Iowa
Influence" that propelled me into the
future of Competetive Fishing.