"Tin In The Wind"
Man's goal is to have a partner in life and I can
truly say that I have been blessed.  Kathleen my
partner in life had on occasion also been my
partner in a few tournaments.  For all
tournaments, if not actually in the boat with me,
she was at least in the crowd at the weigh-ins.  
Thanks Hon, I love you.
Dennis Bodoh, fellow Stoddard resident, close
friend, bass club buddy, old-timers softball
teammate, and finally my "Buddy Tournament"
partner and constant traveling companion on the
Individual Tournament Circuit.  We covered many
miles on the water together and had some
fantastic finishes .  A better or more talented
Partner one could not find.  Wish we could do it
all over again.
Jan Klinger, fellow Stoddard resident, close
friend, bass club buddy, was my first "Buddy
Tournament" partner.  The highlight for us was
when we qualified for a year end event and
traveled together with our wives  to Jackson
Mississippi.  Remember the Alligator?
Doc Wallace, always wanted to fish a
tournament with me and one day we did just
that.  I could tell stories for hours just about this
one tournament  and as you can see by the
pictures, we did ok.
Bob Lee, the elderly gentleman in the picture to
the left was extremely influential in shaping my
successes at Tournament fishing.  He was the
most consistent at catching bass regardless of
conditions of anyone I ever knew.  We would sit
around his fireplace many a winter day and in
his way he would try to impart his knowledge
upon me.  Bob died way to early of cancer and I
miss him a lot.
Jim Lent, pictured, and their were others
whose photo's I will scatter about allowed me to
partner with them and gain knowledge from
them.  To all I was extremely grateful.   May your
line always be tight and the bite on the end a
monster.  "Good Fishing"