"Tin In The Wind"
My Boats
 Torn between Salmon Fishing the Great Lakes and a fledgling
start into bass fishing on a local scale my first boat was an 18'
Crestliner V-bottom Aluminum powered by a 75 hp Suzuki
engine.  I did fish tounaments out of it and on occasion  had a
respectfull finish.  
Elswhere in "Georges Den" is the story of my Win in Clarendon,
Texas fishing the made for Television Series of Heads up
Competition, called "Match Fishing".  My winnings in that
tournament was this Ranger 330 powered by a yamaha 115hp
After the win in Texas, I picked up Ranger Boats as my primary
sponsor and was given the use of this 361 V powered by a 175
Yamaha.  Yamaha became my secondary sponsor.  The nearest
Ranger Dealer was "Boat World" out of Rochester Minnesota
and I traveled there to do Store Promotions and Seminars.
In 1991 I qualified to fish the "Red Man All American" to be held in
Muskogee, OK.  There were approx. 20,000 competitors who
started the season nation wide and it came down to 45 of us
fishing this final tournament for 1st place $100,000 and other
prizes.  I didn't win the $100,000 but I did come home with the
boat pictured on the left.  I still fish out of it today.
The tournament was a week long event.  All expenses were paid
for the competitor and Spouse.  45 identical boats and 45 GMC
Blazers to pull them were furnished.  Each day we would climb in
the boat, meet our observer (press person) for the day, be driven
by our designated driver to the landing, launch, and at the end of
the day our driver would pick us up, and deposit us back at the
motel or at the auditorium for weigh in depending on the day.  
My Buddy partner, Dennis Bodoh and his wife Barb drove down
bringing Kathleen with them.  My Son Scott flew in from
California.  My mom and aunt drove in from Iowa.  I also had a
small local Muskogee Ok. fan contingent that followed me
throughout the week and were vocally present at the daily
This was a life altering experience that I shall treasure the
memories of.  It put me on the "map" so to speak.  I am honored
even today when I cross paths with an up and coming future bass
star and they say, "I, remember you, your George Brosius, "Red
Man All American 1991".