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Choke Canyon State Park, Texas

Texas State Flag


















Hello, Kathleen here


We spent several days at Choke Canyon State Park in Mid-Texas. Nice spacious sites next to a beautiful lake full of fish and crocodiles (we saw none). I followed a path to the waters' edge until it began to get weedy and swampy. I feared a "creature" from the depths of the lake might be lurking so I returned to safer ground.

We did see lots of deer. They casually walked through the campground and never showed any fear. One evening we eyed a fairly large spotted deer. He was almost too big to be called a fawn. We couldn't get a photograph of him; he was following several other deer and they disappeared quickly. The next two pictures are of a lone deer right next to our coach. The next picture shows the sunset over the lake. Look closely at the lakeshore. To the left, an egret is fishing. To the right a deer is getting a drink.






















Wildlife in the park



















One evening we took a drive and spotted a flock of vultures or buzzards just settling in for the night. There were dozens and dozens of them roosting on trees just off the road. They reminded me of cartoons of old, when they sat all hunched over just waiting for some creature to fall. Maybe in Wile e Coyote vs the Road Runner or maybe it was Bugs Bunny. Those were the days when kids got a thrill out of the enemy being an ugly old red headed buzzard following the heros of the story. I got a few photographs of them. I wondered if I walked over close and plopped myself down in the ditch, would they cruise on down and, well I of course didn't do that.




Vultures settling in for the night


















We have left the park and now are right next to a very small town called Whitsett. Still windy. We have gone to a few restaurants in this area. Barb-b-que is all that they offer. George loves it. I am tired of it already. The menu consists of BBQ ribs, sausage, briskitt and chicken. A choice of potato salad, coleslaw, hashbrowns, or beans and more beans. doesn't look too bad really but I'm hungry for a hamburger or maybe just a big dinner salad. We'll be in this area a little while longer. Not too much going on.

Be sure to always put the curser on the picture and it will identify what it is.

Love you all. Until next time, God bless and stay well.















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