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Rock Port, TX

Old Oak Tree

















Kathleen here


Rock Port


We left the Rio Grande Valley a couple of weeks ago. Reluctant to begin our trek north into the unknown, we drove a few hours up the coast and settled in at a Coast to Coast RV park in Rock Port, TX. The Internet service and cell phone coverage was lousy but we stuck it out for a week. The park itself is quite nice. It is in the process of remodeling and needs improvement in some areas. We would like to stay there more often but we have decided that we cannot live with out our Internet.


The town of Rock Port has a lot to offer. It lies right on the Gulf Coast and is beautiful. There are a few nice hotels overlooking the crashing waves that roll onto the white beaches. A city park has picnic and play areas, with a mile long beach, perfect for frolicking children or lazy folks who wish to lounge on their beach chairs.


Along this stretch there are lots of shops for tourists to browse through. Museums and historical attractions also lure folks in. An aquarium overlooks the park at the south end. One can find an assortment of restaurants, as well. We stopped at a small Italian Bistro and enjoyed a fabulous meal. A bit expensive but very good. A Dairy Queen and a Mc Donald’s can also be found not too far from the beach front. All Texas towns have Chinese restaurants around every corner and Rock Port is no exception. We visited one overlooking the Gulf. We liked the food and will certainly dine there again.


We spent two days visiting RV parks hoping to find the perfect one for next winter. We liked the Rio Grande Valley. I really enjoyed the Writers’ Group folks. We all wrote great stories and I learned a lot from them. I made great friends and if we decide not to return, I will miss them. But, we have fallen in love with the Rock Port area.


The town takes great pride in the old knarled oak trees that surround most of the homes. The wind, constantly blowing in from the Gulf, forces the trees to submit to its strength, and they lean to the West, but not without a fight. They have grown old trying hard to stand straight, but alas, their limbs are now knarled and tangled. They stand protecting the little town. The morning sun, as well as the setting sun illuminates the trees producing shadows and beams of light within. They are beautiful.


We have found a couple of worthy parks. In order to secure a good site, we will need to make a decision before the end of summer. I am sure we will. We took a few photographs.




























































































































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