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New Plans

     How quickly things can change when you add a little exploration to your day.  Yesterday we finished the day with concrete plans to move to a pristine little spot along Vermillion Lake at Spring Bay Resort.  We would have a tight spot down in a bit of a hole but this truck driver felt I could get the 'tininthewind' wiggled around there and set up right next to the water.  There would be 15 to 20 amp electric, no water or sewer hook-up but with it being such a close to the water spot we felt it would be worth it.  Checking the weather for the next 7 days showed 6 days with potential rain, some heavy.  I definitely went to bed with second thoughts about the location due to that much rain and it being a relatively soft grass area to begin with.

     We did have a secondary plan to spend some time at a new RV Park, with all three hook ups including 50 amp but were going to use it for a few days after spending our time with little services at the Spring Bay Resort spot.  More on this later.

     As I was checking out of the Casino RV Park the Host informed me that their marina on the water was just around the corner and I was entitled to a slip for my little boat free of charge.  I quickly got in the car, drove around the corner to the marina and discovered a very private little marina exclusive to the Casino tucked away in a little bay and absolutely ideal for my little boat.  Problem is the bay is shallow and basically one could only plan to catch pan fish, (crappies and sunfish) there.  No bass, darn!  We were all prepared to leave but would consider a return to the Casino RV Park if something else didn't develop.

     We hooked the Jeep to the 'tininthewind' and headed down the road, deciding to stop at the new RV Park mentioned above and would explore another day or two our options.  On signing in for a couple day stay I had a great conversation with one of the owners and he informed me that they too had a marina on the water where I also could get a slip for my giant pee-wee pontoon bass boat and the small islands, bay and narrows that were part of this cove were loaded with big small mouth bass-----"hogs" he said.  Well, did he have my attention?  The only down side is this cove and marina are 11 miles from the RV Park.

     Tomorrow we are off to have a look-see and I promise to let you know what we end up doing.  Right now it is pouring down rain.  We are one of four RV units in this new park.  Our neighbor, John down about 5 sites has been here all summer, with his boat at this marina, and he speaks highly of the fishing.  He has no interest in the bass but rather has been fishing walleye with pretty good catches every day.  I do believe already I can see promise in about a two week stay.


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