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Sudden Change of Plans

      Not a change we wanted to make for sure!

     When we came out of Mexico last spring Kathleen's right hip and left knee were both bothering her.  In 2006 she did have a right hip problem that was diagnosed as bursitis and after an injection in the joint discomfort was at a minimum and greatly improved.  On our arrival for our medical check ups this spring Kathleen had an injection of a new substance apparently taken from the comb of chickens in her knee and that has really improved any discomfort there, however, the right hip has been progressively getting worse day to day.  X-rays of that hip were taken this spring and diagnosed as "mild arthritis".  It was decided then to inject cortisone in the hip joint.  With that done and all our other medical checks complete we departed for the North West and of course our focus was our Sons, daughter in laws, and grandkids.  What we did have with them this spring and summer was great.

     Upon our arrival in the North West we set up camp at the Toutle River RV Resort.  A RV Resort that was under development and in need of people to water tree's, grass, and other light duties in exchange for the site.  Throughout May and June I blogged about our experiences there.  You can catch up on those blogs by clicking on the Months mentioned to the right of this page.

     Our stay at the Toutle Resort was a touch of a "Workamping" experience and of course meeting and becoming friends with the other workampers was part of the package.  One of the benefits to this lifestyle of ours is making many new friends.  One of the drawbacks to this lifestyle of ours is having to say good-bye, especially earlier than planned.

     We are now back in the Mid-West awaiting appointments with those who will hold the key to getting Kathleen back in tip top shape.  We are not ones who like to blog about or dwell on the trials and tribulations of getting older, especially the medical hurdles that sometimes get in the way, so suffice it to say, there won't be a lot of news in future blogs, but if there is something significant that needs to be mentioned I will.

     We will miss the Toutle River RV Resort.  It was a unique experience.   

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