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The Beauty of Montana

Sitting along side the Yellowstone River















     We are making good time.  After leaving a nice Walmart parking lot spot from our overnight in Bozeman, Montana we are currently in Silverton, Montana sitting along side the Yellowstone River which is flowing rapidly by about 50 feet from our front door.  We spent a couple of hours in Missoula, Montana making a stop at Bretts RV, where we purchased the "Tininthewind" 3 years ago on April 26th in fact.  We were able to visit for a few minutes with our Sales guy who sold us the coach, Wade Whitmire.  We also took the time to visit the local Verizon Office to upgrade Kathleen's phone which has been long overdue.  We then went to a large car wash that also had a bay that allowed the washing of an RV.  I did the RV and Kathleen washed the car.  It was a full day.

     We will be connecting with our Canadian Friends Alan and Jean tomorrow at our next stop.  We will meet at a Coast to Coast park at Easton, Washington and then hopefully get to spend a couple days together before they continue on to their home in Canada.

     I hope when we turn the lights out for the night we can hear the water from this great Yellowstone River as it rushes along, but the interstate is also near by and I am afraid we will have the traffic noise to contend with.  Oh well, can't have everything..

 Yellowstone River















Yellowstone River

















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