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River Bend Brownsville Texas















     Shown in the above picture is our site for three days at River Bend RV Park just southwest of Brownsville, Texas.  We crossed back in to the States at the Los Indios Free Bridge crossing less than 20 miles from here.  We chose to stay at this park for a few days because it is one of our Coast to Coast membership parks and that allows us to stay for $10.00 a day and take advantage of all the amenities that go with the park.  This park like so many we have seen and stayed at so far in Texas is huge and besides its pools and attractive surroundings the golf course and banks of the Rio Grand River (boarder between Mexico and Texas) just adds to the overall beauty.  There are literally hundreds of Winter Texans here, most owning their individual lot and having either a Motor Home, 5th wheel, or Park Model.  A drive through the Park shows license plates from far and wide with a very large contingent of Canadians.

     While enjoying our stay here we have further explored the area with the highlight being driving out to South Padre Island.  The beaches seem endless and there is the right mix of services such as restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, etc.  The Island at the end of this week will be taken over by the spring break bunch so I am grateful we had the opportunity to visit before all that activity takes place.

     In the pictures below you will see a shot of the Rio Grand River that I took just 150 feet behind the "tininthewind".  There is a huge field just beyond the river on the Mexican side and the farmer was working the soil with his tractor getting ready to plant.  I tried to give him a wave but he had little interest in looking my way as he seemed intent on his task at hand.  The news media of late would have you think that I should probably stand behind a tree and hide or something as he would probably shoot me.  The second picture just shows the wide open spaces all around our site.



Rio Grand River
















room to breath















     We will be leaving this area of Texas tomorrow for Corpus Christi/Rockport as we have a date with another Coast to Coast park, Bay View RV Park.

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