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Bass Pro Shop Stop----then Lake Ozark, MO

My favorite Store Stop
















 I don't need it, but will look anyway














something bigger than me















     It was only a 40 minute drive from Branson to Springfield, Missouri and our stop at the 'mother ship' Bass Pro Shop.   It seemed that some remodeling and updating had taken place since our last visit in 1992 and it was again fun to wander throughout the complex.  Being retired and having little extra space in our current house our purchases are kept to a minimum but looking and dreaming are allowed.

     We spent a good two hours wandering the store before having lunch on the 4th floor at their exclusive restaurant, Hemingway's.

     By mid afternoon we were set up at the Riverview RV Park along the Osage River at Lake Ozark, Missouri.  It didn't take me long after getting the 'tininthewind' set up to grab a couple of fishing poles and dropping over the bank behind the coach to try my hand at catching one of those huge white bass that roam the waters below the dam.  This area has a one month window of a snagging season for Spoon Bill's and there were a number of boats with fishermen dragging snagging gear on the bottom.  They didn't seem to be doing very well and I didn't either, but just getting to cast a lure made my day complete.

     We will hang out here in this nice park for a couple of days as we visit with Kathleen's Aunt who lives in the area.  It is far to cold and the weather remains questionable in the Iowa/Wisconsin area which is our ultimate destination. 




pleasant afternoon















we find water when we can

















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