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The Exodus

Adiós Mexico


     On Wednesday afternoon and evening 02/25/09 we said good-by to our neighbors, new friends, friends from the previous year and prepared for a good nights sleep. 

     This retired and RV life-style of ours is pleasantly different from the work-a-day and fixed bricks and sticks life-style in many ways, with the one most pleasant element being that of having the time and circumstances of meeting so many different people from different cultures and establishing friendships that will last long in to the future.  We had such warm friendly neighbors in Gilles, Diane, Bob, and Judy that it was difficult to say good-by, but with hope, our paths may cross again in the future. 

     Our stay in Lo De Marcos, Mexico for the winter of 2008/2009 was just shy of 4 months.  It was a beautiful RV park with very elegant surrounding, numerous restaurants near by with a very good one as part of the complex.  The Pacific Ocean beach, two swimming pools, and weather that at times was boring (85 to 90 and sunny every day).  What not to like, Well, to be fair there were a couple of negatives.  The on again, off again WiFi INTERNET left a lot to be desired, the extremely high humidity, and refried beans for every meal took its toll and thus we left a couple weeks earlier than planned.

     We left at 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning with our very good friend Allan opening the gate and wishing us safe travels.  Alan and Jean will especially be missed.  We have been fortunate to have established a close relationship with two very special Canadians.  The 'truck driver' in me took over, with good roads, and my trusty map reading partner we were within striking distance of the Mexico/Texas border after our first day.  Friday morning it was an easy drive and with no hassles crossing the border at Los Indios, just north of Brownsville Texas we were parked in our new stop of Victoria Palms RV Park in Donna, Texas by 2:00 p.m.  This is one of those infamous 'Snow Bird' parks of the Rio Grand Valley with 1200 RV sites and on our arrival this early the park has very few open sites.  It will take us several days to get re-acclimated to U.S. soil and facilities but already we have found a meal or two without re-fried beans.

     We are looking forward to about 3 weeks to explore the Rio Grand Valley and the entire gulf coast of Texas before turning our heading North for our favorite RV stop of 'Sunshine Acres' near Waukon, Iowa.

     To all of our friends left behind:  May your travels home be safe and to your liking.  We will miss you all.



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