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It's the little things----Stupid!

     In reading the title of this blog, know that I am speaking to and referring to myself.  I used to pride myself on paying particular attention to the little things, not making a lot of foolish errors, and generally, being ahead of the game.  Since reaching the well seasoned age over about 60, little errors would gradually begin to occur more often than I liked. When happening, I was likely to lash out verbally to whom ever was in hearing distance, (Kathleen) with the usual tirade of "It's the _ _ _ _ _ to get old", and other colorful complaints.  Usually falling on deaf ears but at least I felt better for getting it off my chest.  Within minutes I was usually back to thinking I was infallible and impervious to imperfection.

     Today was the height of Stupid.  On preparation for leaving Lo De Marcos I filled our on board water tank with that "not so pure and questionable" Mexican water, but added enough bleach to sanitize the system as we traveled to the States.  We could use it for showering and flushing the toilet but would drink bottled water as needed.  By having that concentration of bleach in the system and lines I could drain the tank on arrival and fill with fresh water at our Texas destination.

     It was the perfect day for it.  I discretely opened the valve and slowly began draining the tank early in the day.  It was windy enough that hardly a puddle showed below the coach and after several hours the huge tank was empty.  I closed the valve, shifting it to allow for the fresh water to now refill the tank and went inside to do other chores.  It should take about 30 minutes maximum to fill the tank.  Sitting at this computer, some four hours later my aged brain cells kick in and I realize I forgot to turn the water off.  Yes, there is an overflow tube, so no damage to the "tininthewind", but on exiting in a hurry, I missed the step to the ground and went "_ _ _ over tea kettle", rolling several times through a rather large puddle.  I am none the worse for wear except for a possible cracked rib and a bruised arm.

     This whole section of the park now knows from my verbal loud exclamation that "It's the _ _ _ _ _ to get old".  I guess I am not telling them anything they don't already know as from an age standpoint we are all in the same boat.  No pun intended.

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