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Fall in the air

     Where has this summer gone?  It has been an eventful summer for us as we spent as much time as we possibly could with our boys and their families.  We especially got to know our grand kids a lot better and had fun seeing them mature.

     We got to visit some of our Canadian friends and enjoyed our short time in their country.  We visited many of the RV campgrounds that we got to know in our first year of this adventure and found several new ones to add to our list of favorites.  We even put money down to get ourselves on "the list" to be able to secure a site in the Chimacum Washington Escapee Park but do not expect to be notified that a lot is available for approximately 7 years.  We are 250th on the list.  Perhaps in 7 years we will be ready to just park the RV.  Time will tell.

     As I write this two of our closest Canadian friends, Alan and Jean, have crossed the border with their beautiful Discover MH and are slowly making their way down the U.S. coast to get themselves in position to cross into Mexico and head for their site in Lo De Marcos.  We have been in e-mail contact with all of our Canadian friends and they are leaving at different times to pass through Yuma, AZ. and then on in to Mexico.  We all are staying in the same park just north of Puerto Vallarta. 

                                             Tlaquepaque    pronounced Ta Lac a pack ee.  Click on RV Park.

     We too will begin to make our way to Yuma around the middle of October and then on in to Mexico around the 10th of November.  We have not decided yet if we will go south down the coast or move inland a bit to pass through Vegas.  One thing for sure we will do everything to avoid following the interstate. We had fun blogging about our Mexico winter experiences last year and expect this year will be as interesting.  It is our hope to travel a bit more throughout Mexico by car and report on our finds.  We will be carrying with us bags, and bags, of children's clothing all outgrown by our 4 grandchildren and they will be donated to the needy in our winter community of Lo De Marcos.  Kathleen has them all organized for the Nino and Nina based on age.  I notice also that she has spent a great deal of time shopping and purchasing in the dollar store, pencils, pencil sharpeners, paper, etc. etc. etc. to be given on our behalf to the schools in need.

     We hope to blog more as we begin our travels south.  Stay tuned for more frequent up-dates on our progress. 



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