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Vancouver Island--Campbell River

Victoria BC Harbor















     The trip we have been waiting for finally arrived!  After leaving our coach in the Evergreen SKP CO-OP Park in Chimacum, Washington we headed early in the morning to catch the ferry from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island and the beautiful harbor of Victoria.  The beautiful architecture and history of Victoria is worth visiting at least once in everyone's life.  I have been twice, and Kathleen has visited three times, once even having high tea at the Empress Hotel with our daughter-in-law Heidi.

     I have written in a previous blog about catching up with Scott and family in Nanaimo a short distance north of Victoria and then left off there with our staying the night in Parksville BC.  We began our journey early on Saturday morning north heading for Campbell River and our planned get together with our Canadian friends from our winter visit past in Mexico.


















     Pictured above beginning from Kathleen's left are Brian, Olga, Jean, Alan, Glenn, and Brenda.  Jean and Alan hosted us at their house for the two days that we were in Campbell River and on this day Glenn and Brenda hosted at their campsite by the lake all of us for a reunion of sorts.  Brian and Olga were camped near by as they were in the area to Salmon fish out of Browns Bay.  The cook-out was fabulous with Patty, Glen and Brenda's daughter helping with all the preparation.  Grandchildren, Owen and Sophie saw to making us comfortable as well.  It was an afternoon and evening to remember as we revisited our Mexican Winter experiences and touched on our plans to all get together again this coming Winter in Mexico or on our way there.  Unable to attend due to a previous commitment were Margaret and Gerry Perron.  We missed you.

     Campbell River is a stunningly beautiful community with the white capped mountains of the BC mainland visible in the distance and of course the water of the passage flowing between Quadra Island and Vancouver Island.  Alan and Jean treated us to a fantastic boat ride and lunch at a Resort on Quadra Island.  They took us on a couple car tours of the area as well.  One of our stops was to see some of the Chain Saw carvings that were part of a recent competition held in one of the city parks.  Artisans from around the world come to compete.  Our last stop on our car tour was at an RV park near the south end of the City.  While standing on the shore watching an eagle soar and trying to photograph him he suddenly landed just above my head as if to say---ok, get a picture now!



1st Place
















2nd Place
















Quadr Island
















Campbell River Deer are Plentiful































    We can not thank our Canadian friends enough for a fabulous week-end.  They went out of their way to show two Americans that they have a lot of pride in their Country and corner of the World.  We had an experience while in the Victoria Harbor waiting for our return ferry ride back to the States, and would like to think our new found friends had a hand in the send off.  In a way they did.

     This Monday that we were returning just happened to be BC day, a special holiday for our Canadian friends.  We had noticed that the harbor was bustling with people and hundreds more sitting on all the grassy spots around the area.  I made the assumption that Boat Races were probably going to take place when I noticed even the Canadian Custom Agents were all standing dock side looking out over the harbor to the north.  One of them said, "here they come."  We looked up and saw nine sleek jets from the Royal Canadian Snow Bird precision team in formation with their red and white colors prominent as they put on one heck of a show much as do our Blue Angels in the States.  You could feel the pride swell in all the Canadians watching.  Kathleen and I are always brought to tears when we witness such a spectacle, and this was no exception.  Thank you Canada for the send off. 

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