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Running Deer and Little White Tail

Kathleen here, just a little story.


I am calling it:                               Running Deer and Little White Tail.


I know, I know, it’s silly but guess what song I thought of?


We spent two weeks at an RV park just outside Port Townsend, WA. On the peninsula. We took lots of drives and discovered many interesting areas: hidden inlets with small harbors, ancient forts from World War I era, lonely beaches full of drift wood. What a beautiful part of Washington State. We loved our stay there.

One interesting area is the home of an Anti Submarine training school. This huge compound is surrounded by a 10 foot chain link fence topped with 3 feet of barbed wire. An intimidating gate keeps strangers out. As we drove along the compound on our way to one of the many state parks in the area, dusk was setting in. The road seemed isolated, as we met no cars on our journey.


George saw something up ahead, close to the high fence. I saw it then. As we drew nearer, we could see that a yearling deer was standing alone facing the fence. The setting sun reflected off the metal and we saw that his nose was against one of the links. That’s peculiar, we thought, and kept our eyes on the scene. Then we both saw why this deer was positioned as he was. On the other side of the fence (within the compound) was another yearling facing the fence with its nose on the same link as the outside deer.


My heart sank as we realized that the two were communicating, wanting to be together but were separated by that man made barrier. What could have we done, I still think. When we returned on the same road, they both were gone. How did the imprisoned deer get inside the fence I wonder and how long has he been there? Do they meet on a regular basis or was this a chance meeting never to happen again? I am sad that they cannot be together. The photo below is not of the two but of a couple of the many deer that inhabit the heavily wooded area.





























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