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This Grand Land

Kathleen here




We certainly have had the opportunity to see some of this vast country of ours. First a flight out to visit our kids after they left home. Scott on the West Coast, then Billy on the West Coast, as well.


When George began driving his big old semi across this land, I went with every chance I got. What an eye opener to experience the vastness and diversity of this country. Magnificent mountains and rivers, soft green hills and valleys, long winding roads leading to far places. The giant cities, overwhelming, swallowing us as we drove within, but the road carried us through.


I remember that weekend in August. As we drove through Ohio, late at night, the anchor man on the radio announced the death of a princess. Boston was our destination and the city was in mourning, as were the rest of the world.


That morning when we woke up on September 11, George was on his way west. I called; no answer. He was in a restaurant having breakfast, mesmerized, as he and other truckers watched the news. I called Scott, he was flying that morning. Later he spoke of the fear that his airport experienced as it closed its terminal and runways. I called Billy, he was about to leave for work. We talked a minute. I drove to work. I looked out over the peaceful Mississippi River and cried to myself. How could this happen.


I love our country. How could we think that we would never be attacked here on this great land. We were naive to think such a thing. We will never forget.


Today I feel safe. We are looking after our land and our neighbors across world. I pray for the safety of all who want freedom and peace.


Now we live in a covered wagon. Our horse power is a lot more than horses that would have pulled us along 150 years ago. We camp in circles with electricity and water. We have an on board kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. We even have a basement. We see lots of country and take lots of photographs. We meet lots of people.


We were on the road when Dale Jr. finally won a NASCAR race after two years of almost winning. We even attended a real life race in April, in Phoenix. We watched the Dodgers play the Arizona Diamond Backs this spring, as well.


We watched the news and heard from loved ones back home of the devastating floods. We have driven through storms and sunshine; camped close to where bear, mountain lion, wolves, deer and antelope roam. We will spend a good part of the summer by our kids in Seattle, all winter, way south, in Mexico, and then spring time in the Midwest.




I will watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean in Washington State. I will watch the same sun set over this same ocean while deep into Mexico.


The world has treasures for all to enjoy. Mexico, Canada, the great seas. I have yet to experience other continents. I hope to one day. What have we seen so far in our new life as full time RVers? Wonderful things. Magnificent mountains. Silver slivers of water rushing downward, finding their way to the sea. I am in awe at the formation and movement of the mountains and hills; the scars on the rocks that tell a story. I wonder at them as we pass by. I will ask my Creator one day.


Northern Minnesota is beautiful with its lakes and islands and loons. Washington State has its Emerald western coast, its white capped mountains. The East and South, the Plains, and the Coasts all take my breath away.


Nothing that I have seen or experienced so far exceeds what I feel when I look at the flowing waters of the Upper Mississippi River. The high bluffs overlooking the river. The coulees that began forming millennia ago when the waters from the glacier melt off sought the deep valley that would become the Father of Waters. There is no other, that has the beauty, the strength or the diversity of this valley. It is home.


 This July 4th, our celebration of Independence Day, I wish all good health, peace and freedom and especially God’s blessings.


Following are a few photographs of home.













































































































































































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