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Relentless Storms

     We do not plan any pictures with this blog and I think you will understand.  We could show pictures of clouds about to open up in the sky to the rumble of thunder and lightening flashes and then the torrents of rain that just will not stop, but that would only remind us all of the damage that then comes from that severe weather.

     We had lived in the mid-west area for virtually our entire life and have never experienced what our friends and family members are dealing with now.  Because of our current life style we have been on the move and not in just one fixed spot and thus we seem to just be dodging the worst. 

     We continue to call those closest to us to be sure they are alright and feel terrible when we hear what they are having to deal with. 

     Yesterday, we with friends David and Patsy Kessler left to have dinner at Applebee's and it was raining lightly.  By the time we finished dinner and needed to return to our coaches it was raining so hard that 30 mph was much to fast.  We had 7 miles to go and a great deal of that was with water up to the floor boards of the jeep as we navigated the streets.  Our coaches at the rally we are attending were parked on blacktop and fortunately there was enough of a slope to keep the water moving  away from us but there were some parked in grass and areas where water puddled and formed lakes that would take a long time to disappear. 

     To reach this rally David and Patsy were given the option by the highway patrol to drive a short distance through 7" of water flowing over the road they were traveling or to detour around.  Semi trucks were taking the option and proceeding but I think wisely David and Patsy chose to detour with the cars.  On one road that we were traveling we too had to drive through standing water as a creek had come out of its banks and was covering the road.  No one was there to give us any options, only a small yellow sign that said, "water over the road".

     Our mail may not catch up with us here.  We won't leave the coach with out the umbrella tucked under our arm or leave our windows open but believe me when I say that our little petty problems are minuscule in comparison to what many are having to deal with.

     Our hearts especially go out to Jim and Sarah, cousins of Kathleen who have lost there home to the floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and to Jamie and Leslie, Kathleen's nephew and his wife who have for multiple times this month dealt with high water and sewage back-up in the lower level of their beautiful home in Waterloo, Iowa.

     To our friends who have been wondering about us, we are fine.  We will be leaving this rally in a few days and one of our first stops will be to visit with Ken and Debbie Mandt, friends we made while in Mexico this past winter who are now work camping on Lake Kabetogama in Northern Minnesota.


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