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A visit to the Old Home Area

     Time is running short and soon we will be headed again for our visits with four very special grandkids and of course their parents too.  There will be some 1400 to 1600 miles to travel before that visit and we will make the most of the sights as we travel west.

     We have diligently tried to make the most of our visit in the Mid-West by at least trying to contact as many of our friends, former colleagues, and family members that we could.  There just never seems to be enough time to spend with those near and dear to us.




Close to our Mississippi River

















Brian & Jossie

















Brian and Jan Lee













     We have experienced storms with rain and wind rumbling through our camp sites on nearly a daily basis.  At times with the rain we have felt like we are already in Seattle.

Storm Coming

















Storm Here













    The primary focus for us was to see that my mom is happily settled in her new apartment at the assisted care facility in Garnavillo Iowa.  My sister, brother, nieces, nephew, and brother-in-law did a stellar job of relocating our mom and grandmother when it was recognized that she needed to give up her independent living.  Mom has assured us on numerous occasions during our visit that she is happy with her new arrangement and enjoys the friendships she is establishing with fellow residents.  It certainly makes leaving on our next travels easier to know that Mom is happy, healthy, and well cared for.

Mom Fishing

















Mom 85 today 5 31 2008














  We have spent a great deal of our time camped out at Kathleen’s brother Jims country acre near Waukon Iowa.  Of all our travels and camp sites this is high on our list of favorites.  Not only do we get to share meals, visit, and relax but we can do so in a very pristine setting.

Jim and Alyce









Being close to Waukon allowed us to pay a couple of visits to two of the classiest senior Waukon residents, Kathleen’s aunts, Goldie and Emerald.  Their hugs and genuine concern for our well being are always important to us.  Emerald’s two daughters, June and Janice keep them posted on our travels.

With Goldie and Emerald  
















 We have had the opportunity to attend some functions for Jim and Alyce’s boys.  What fun it has been to watch the growth of those three strappin’ boys and their families.  Jaylin, Jake, and “Ziggy” are and will be fun to watch as they explore life growing up.







Jake Jaylin and Ziggy is hiding

















  Having had successful medical visits for the both of us gives piece of mind as we travel on down the road.

     Trust me when I say, “there is no comparison to Sunshine Acres RV Park, Goose Island Camp Ground, Blackhawk Park, Paint Creek Campground, Pikes Peak, and Boondocking at Buck Creek” while we are in our old home area.  We wish all of our friends from all across this country, Mexico, and Canada could experience the Mississippi River Valley and all its treasures….  We have been truly blessed to have lived here for so many years.  We will return!






Happy Cows  Eat your heart out California













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