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Road Trip 2nd Day

A typical Beach Stretch















     We did hit the hay early following day one so getting up early to start day two was fairly easy.  It would have been nice to just lie in bed and listen to the waves crashing on shore but we had miles to cover.

     As far as we could decipher no one in this town including this fine hotel served breakfast so we decided to hit the road and just stop when it looked right.  As we entered the first town on our way down the road I noticed a lot of trucks parked along the road in front of a little restaurant and decided from my earlier days that truckers usually know a good spot.  We were not disappointed.  Our breakfast was served piping hot and a true trucker’s portion.  What more could I ask for.

     We headed off following the hiway signs for Manzanillo and could not believe the quality of the road.  From Cuastecomates this beautiful road both climbed mountains, followed the coast, and meandered through fertile valleys with fields of various vegetables.  There were a zillion places we would have liked to stop and visit but we were on a mission to get to La Placita and check out an RV Park that we had been reading about.

     There was a four lane expressway that by passed the outside of Manzanillo and it sure saved us some time as we went south.  When it finally reached the southern edge of Manzanillo it followed the edge of sand dunes fronting the ocean and was a spectacular drive.  In the next 50 miles we encountered at least four military check points and were waved through without having to stop at any of them.

     The road surface narrowed but continued to be smooth and without too many pot holes.  Kathleen drove the rest of the way to La Placita and I got to enjoy more of the scenery than I normally can when driving.  Interestingly the organized appearance of the scenery changed when we left the State of Jalisco, and turned to a tight against the road jungle when we crossed in to the State of Michoacan.  Without much trouble we found the RV Park we were looking for just south of La Placita.  The road that entered the park was our first clue, in addition to it being a very remote location, that this park would probably not suit our tastes.  We drove in to the park and observed several rigs parked at their pads that were in the 38 to 40 foot class.  There were several people milling about but we were so unimpressed with the location and park we turned around and drove on out.  Maybe some day when it has been further developed we will have to check it out again, but for now we will stay with our current plans for the future.

     It was still early in the day and it called for some discussion and decision making.  We could deviate on our way back and go inland a bit to check out the city of Colima, an interesting Colonial Style city that I had read about, or just head back to our RV park and the tininthewind at La Penita.  Since I have been under the weather with a cold since leaving on this drive we decided it might be best to just head back.

     The drive back and especially around the Manzanillo bypass was again interesting as we were looking at the landscape from a different direction.  Interestingly all of the Military check points were now unmanned as we assumed it was siesta time.  I guess any smugglers or drug runners should know when to travel, huh?

     We decided to bypass the little beach village that we had stayed in on our first night and head instead for Tenacatita, a small beachfront settlement on the Costalegre (coast of Jalisco) located about 27 miles northwest of Barra de Navidad.  Previous research had indicated that when visiting Tenacatita one should bring insect repellant as it is surrounded by mangrove swamps and a river.  This would be new to us as we have not encountered any insect problem since entering Mexico last November.

     We drove through the little town of Tenacatita as we checked out what was available for lodging and restaurants and settled on the beachside hotel, Paraiso de Tenacatita.  $40.00 U.S. for a very nice room overlooking the bay with easy access to the beach and we were set for a good nights sleep, but first we wanted to find a good restaurant and experience a meal that is a specialty of only Tenacatita.  As the story goes, it was a chef, Silvestre “el gato” who had worked on a cruise ship who taught Maria del Rosario of Restaurante Sirenita how to prepare the dish.  As it became popular all the beach side restaurants began to prepare it as well.  It is a fish filet stuffed with chopped shrimp and octopus in an almond sauce, wrapped completely in bacon and covered with more almond cream sauce.  It is a rich and flavorful dish and was just wonderful.  Our young Spanish speaking only waitress Jaillee offered to take our picture and we in turn took one of her.  The smile on her face is representative of what we have encountered everywhere we have been this past four months in Mexico.

     We are tempted to take a one hour guided boat trip through the mangrove swamp and up the river as apparently there are many camen (crocks) and other interesting wildlife to view.  We will see how I feel in the morning and go from there.

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