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In Mexico

Beaudry RV Park Tucson Arizona 

     Above is the Beaudry RV Park in Tucson Arizona where we hung out for about a week preparing for our South of the Border trip and where we hooked up with the other group of coaches that we would be traveling with.  A few came early to prepare as we were doing and some came at the last minute, totally unprepared, and scrambling.  Arriving early allowed us to make some early acquaintances and fast friends.

     We departed Beaudry early in the a.m. of the 24th of October in groups of five or six and proceeded to the border crossing.  It took approximately three to four hours for us all to clear the border process and we were on our way.  A very tedious process to say the least but we survived it.  We were waved through about 3 inspection points so we still have our freezer full of meat, chicken, bacon, cheese, etc. in tact.  We should have no more of those kinds of inspections for the rest of our stay in Mexico.

     It was late in the evening when we arrived at the Totonacan RV Park here in San Carlos Mexico.  When I plugged in to power our surge protector would not let any voltage through to the Coach.  I got out my meter and using a near by outlet determined that the voltage coming across was about 137 to 140 volts.  Our surge protector won't allow anything over 134 volts.  I put a draw on the line in the form of a fan and then got the voltage to drop below 135 volts and we powered up the coach.  Once that was accomplished we could turn on all the fans, a/c, etc and with all systems humming along we are showing 121 volts at the moment, (perfect).  Everyone around us was oblivious to the high voltage and don't have the kind of on board protection that we have.  I will bet there will be some devices that will be fried and if not they can consider themselves very lucky.

     We went out to dinner last night with a couple from Minnesota who like us are making their first trip south of the border in their RV.  They are also full timers and we have hit it off from the start.  They will be great fun to hang with.

     We went out to lunch today with the five couples that are traveling with our group.  A great bunch to be with.

     We are already getting accustomed to dealing with pesos rather than dollars but in a future blog I will have to tell you how I embarrassed myself big time when we stopped to top off our diesel at the local Mexican Pemex station.  Or then again maybe I won't tell you!

     The following are a group of pictures from our stop here at the Totonacan RV Park in San Carlos Mexico.  The one water shot you see is taken from along the sea wall some 50 yrds from our coach, and shows the town of Guaymas Mexico in the background.

     We are here for two days to recover from our border crossing and then will continue our trek south.  We are on our way to a pool party where everyone will bring a little snack and all will share.



Entry to Park San Carlos MX
















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Park Office
















Looking out from Park
















San Carlos Totonaca RV Park















     We depart in the morning and our next stop will be somewhere around Los Mochis Mexico, again along the ocean.

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