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Saltwater State Park, Washington

Saltwater State Park, Washington


     Saltwater State Park in Washington State had been our home for about 6 days which covered a week end and our Washington Brosius clan came to camp out with us.  The setting you see in the picture above was ideal for the little people to have plenty of space to play.  Grandpa and Grandma were in constant demand to participate in one thing or another.  It was a blast and we look forward to more week ends of the same in various parks before school starts and or the weather gets a little too cool for tent camping.

     We readied the coach to travel late Sunday afternoon August 5th, 2007 as we were planning to head for our first Rally, the Newmar pre Rally for the FMCA, to be held in Salem, Oregon.  We pulled out of Saltwater Park early Monday morning the 6th and our leisurely 208 mile drive to Salem has us arriving at about 2:00 p.m.  We registered with the "Premier RV Park" of Salem and were guided to our parking slot.  Our Friends Pat and Jim Mellon had arrived a day earlier and were just a few slots over from us.

     As I was setting up the coach and connecting the essentials I noticed that our "Access Door" for our water heater area had come loose and apparently been lost on the drive down.  No one to blame but myself as I had done some work on a faulty ignitor coil for the gas water heater and forgot to latch the cover when I had completed the work.  Bummer.

     We enjoyed an evening out with Jim and Pat and ate at a very nice but pricey seafood restaurant.  This was to be our only free evening for awhile so we retired early.  Our agenda for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday starts with Breakfast by the pool from 7:00 to 9:30 and something or other scheduled every hour on the hour right through the supper hour.  Oh, did I mention every evening supper is provided and catered by one vendor or another.

     There are 50 Newmar Coaches here participating in this Rally so the Newmar Factory in Indiana send 5 of their top service technicians with a couple trailers full of parts and supplies to address any needs/repairs that any of us had previously submitted in our pre-registration documents.  I had about three minor things I wanted them to take a look at.  We were one of the first coaches that they started on this morning and within about an hour they had corrected or addressed my concerns.  Oh, did I mention that they ordered me a new "Access Door" for our water heater area.  They are having it painted at the factory and it will be brought to our coach and attached before this rally ends.  All at no Charge.  Now that is what Newmar is all about. 

     In addition to attending many seminars and instructional talks we are scheduled tomorrow to go on a tour to the Evergreen Aviation Museum here in Salem.  This Museum is the home of Howard Hughes "Spruce goose" and we are looking forward to getting to see it up close.

     We are "Newbies" to this Rally thing but already I am liking what I see, feel, and hear.  There is not a grumpy, grumbly person to be found.  Everyone is so upbeat and happy just to be here.  Maybe it is because we are all in that twilight time of life.  I must admit I took pause for thought when the first line of the agenda we received on arrival says, "In case of an emergency call 911, sound horn and turn on your emergency flashers", hmmm!



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