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Rally #2

     The huge FMCA (family motor coach association) rally, with close to 4,000 motor homes being parked around the grounds would have made for a spectacular picture but the only way to photo it would have been from the air.  My pilot son Scott, actually had a stop in Redmond during the rally, and could have taken a photo for me from the air on his approach, but was quick to remind me that all of the roofs are white so it would have made for a very boring picture.

     It was interesting jump on the "tram" and ride to anywhere on the grounds that you wished to go.  On occasion on had to transfer to a different "tram" to visit certain areas but all in all it was very efficient and worked quite well.  It got a little hectic taking the tram to the evening entertainment and then some 8,000 or so people all getting out of the auditorium at one time, but it worked.  The first night of entertainment we saw the Nelson twin brothers, both now about 35 yrs old, doing a tribute to their dad "Ricky Nelson".  It was an excellent program.  The second night we sat through "Debbie Boone" who got a little long in the tooth but still was enjoyable.  The last night we were treated to a spectacular show put on by "Tony Orlando".

     We both sat through several seminars and hopefully learned a few things, but the highlight was spending time looking at all the wares that the vendors were hawking.  We bought a few things that we wished we hadn't, and passed on a few things that we wish we had purchased and I guess that is par for those who attend one of these things for the first time.  No doubt we will attend again as this annual FMCA Rally is going to be in St. Paul Minnesota next August and we will no doubt be in the neighborhood.

     Friends we had made earlier in our travels were in attendance but it was difficult connecting with them as the event was huge.  We did manage to see Hap and Wendy Happnee once and exchange hugs.  Thanks Wendy for the great book, we are getting a lot of good use out of it.  We were fortunate to have spent 5 days or so with Jim and Pat Mellon from the Chicago area at the Pre-rally in Salem Oregon and managed to sit with them at all the nightly entertainment at the main rally in Redmond Oregon.  It was at the Pre-rally that we decided we would travel together some after the rallies and explore the Oregon and Washington Coast.  In fact we left the Rally grounds in Redmond and returned to the familiar deluxe RV park in Salem Oregon for a couple days of R & R before heading for the coast.  The R & R was needed but we did find some time the second day to do a wine tasting tour as the area outside Salem has many vineyards. 

     On to the Coast! 

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