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A Beautiful Drive

     July 26th & 27th, 2007  Having completed our minor service at Bretz RV in Missoula, Montana it was time to move on and there was plenty of time Thursday afternoon to start on our way.  We decided to get off the Interstate and take highway 12 from Missoula to Lewiston, Idaho and then on eventually to reconnect with Interstate 90 at Vantage, Washington.

     It was a great decision as this route was the Lewis and Clark Trail.  What spectacular scenery as we followed the Clearwater River for mile after mile.  I can't ever recall in my life, including my cross country trucking life a more beautiful drive.  We both agree that we were in too much of a hurry to get to our Son's in Seattle to enjoy this area and we vow to return at some time in the future.

     We spent one night in the Lewis and Clark RV Resort and although somewhat rundown, we enjoyed a great meal in the restaurant and a very peaceful sleep.

     Leaving Lewiston, Idaho the landscape changes from that beautiful river canyon drive to one of sage brush, rolling hills, and miles and miles of narrow winding roads as we head on to Vantage, and the reconnect with Interstate 90.

     After joining Interstate 90 it was only a short drive to Easton, Washington where we stayed in another Coast to Coast RV Park.  This would be the last stay at a park before we would arrive at our Son Bill's place the next day.  I spent what free time I had cleaning the exterior of the coach and washing windows as Kathleen cleaned house getting things ready for our daughters-in-law to inspect as they had not ever seen the coach.  All done with much enthusiasm as we were so anxious for our arrival at our kids places.

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