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     The time arrived! April 13th (yes Friday the 13th), and we are scheduled to depart our comfortable Wisconsin winter site for our scheduled Warranty visits to Spartan and Newmar.  Charlotte, Michigan and Nappannee, Indiana respectively.

     Chris, Rich, and Carlotta were wonderful hosts at the Anderson Mobil Home Park in West Salem Wisconsin and in spite of our overwhelming desire to get on with our lives, it was bittersweet to be leaving.  Rich and Chris were scheduled to show up at 9:00 a.m. to lay planks down as we drove out of our site as the ground was rather soft from the spring thaw.  We don't know what happened, but they were no shows and at 10:00 I made the decision I could wait no longer and simply drove out of the site, hooked the car up and we left.  I did make numerous attempts to locate them to no avail.

     We didn't make it too far as while hooking up the car I noticed that we had a flat inside tire on the rear duel.  It was but a two block distance to Degenhart Tire and two hours later we were finally on our way.  Just before the on ramp to Interstate 90 we stopped at a Cenex to top off our propane tank.  Standing there, listening to the high speed traffic whizzing by, and knowing that finally, it was going to be possible for us to travel, we hugged each other and shared in the moment, knowing that we had successfully weathered a couple of storms, literally.

     With the nose pointed east, and the cruise control set, we were on our way to Michigan but first there was to be a very special visit.  Allow me to get a little emotional here and tell you what I mean by a special visit.

     My sister Barb, and her hubby Lon, live and have their entire married life, in one suburb or another of Chicago.  We have always been invited, encouraged, welcomed, prodded, and etc. to visit them.  In the past 30 plus years I can count on one hand the times that we did come to their home.  A statistic I am not proud of.  I can site a zillion excuses as to why I didn't take the time but in reality they would all be lame excuses.  Fortunately over the years Barb made it a point to keep us close.  Never forgetting my birthday with a special card and always a classy shirt at Christmas.  I know that a great part of my failures at being a better brother had to do with my being selfish about not wanting to give up my leisure time away from work to just go visit.  A fish was always calling! 

      Now, there is a new sheriff in town.  Retirement puts a whole new perspective on the element of time.  I have a renewed desire to spend more time visiting and enjoying the company of Barb and Lon's entire family, all of whom luckily live in close proximity. For sure, in our future travels if and when we are in the neighborhood we will be stopping for a hug and conversation.

     I love you Barb.  Thanks for being there for me!


Pictured next to the coach are Lon and Barb.



Barb & Lon




























     We fit very nicely in the driveway and look forward to our visits in the years to come!

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