Everyone Needs A Plan---We Have One

     Everyone knows if fate had not intervened this fall/winter we would probably be somewhere on the West Coast of Mexico enjoying one of those glasses with an umbrella in it right about now and for sure soaking up some warm sun.  It's ok that our dreams were put on a bit of a hold as it has given us even more time to work on a plan, and that we have been doing.

     We have a plan!  On October 25th we will meet up with 29 other coaches (RV's), in Nogalas Arizona, and caravan south in to Mexico with our final destination being 920 miles south of the U.S. border to one of Mexico's premier RV resorts, La Penita Resort.  La Penita is located approximately 40 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  The caravan will be lead by Bill and Dorothy Bell.  Bill and Dorothy have been traveling all through Mexico each winter season in their RV since 1988.  Throughout this time they have been conducting travel reviews of well over 400 RV parks in Mexico.  They also have spent a great deal of time doing extensive documentation on the routes/hwy's that RV'ers should use when going from point A to B.  Their web-site has extensive information for the would be Mexican traveler.  I had bookmarked their site several years ago and continue to visit it whenever my dreams go "South of the Border".

     There are two caveats to being one of these 30 coaches that they will be leading.  First, one must consent to attending a 4 hour seminar given by them to prepare the participant to traveling in Mexico.  Cost of the seminar is reasonable.  Second, one must book in to the La Penita Resort for a minimum of 30 days.  Special caravan participant cost for those 30 days at the La Penita Resort is $450.00.

     We are excited that we are going to be participating in this trip.  We have confidence that we could have and would have set off in to Mexico next fall/winter on our own, but to have the guidance of the Bell's simply adds a measure of comfort to our explorations.  We will get a first class introduction to the driving, and hiway edict required to feel comfortable while traveling in a different country, especially with a rig such as the motor home.  We already know that we will enjoy the culture and the Mexican people but again it will be nice to get reacquainted, surrounded by fellow state side and Canadian travelers.

     The La Penita Resort (link at end of blog), will be a great setting for doing whatever vacationers do at any warm ocean side resort, but a real plus is its location is perfect for making side day long trips to other beautiful Mexican Travel destinations, using the Jeep.  We also assume we will be making friends with fellow travelers and perhaps linking up with some who share like interests, and then continuing our travels in and around Mexico for the balance of the 07/08 winter season.

map 1






     Gives you somewhat of a perspective of where the La Penita Resort is located.  Note the green arrow.  Yes, I know.  I have circled a potential "bass fishing" lake.


      A link to some of the Bass Lakes in Mexico:









     We will be writing more about our plans and preparations for this trip in future postings, but just imagine the adventures we will have between now and October '07, when we will head for Nogalas, Arizona.  Each one of those adventures, yet to be determined, will hold its own excitement.

Here are the links:  The La Penita Resort    www.lapenitarvpark.com   

                          The Bell's web-site       www.ontheroadin.com

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